Your reeds arrived last Friday. They are simply wonderful. I love the tone which I get with them. You did a superb job! Thanks again. I am going to recommend to my 2 students and to my friend who plays oboe with me in the local symphony to seriously look at ordering your reeds as well.

Ken Klukas, Alberta, Canada 



I just got my reeds in the mail and I just want to say thank you SO much! The reeds play beautifully through all octaves and produce such a fantastic tone. I will definitely be buying more in the future. 

Cecelia Farmer, oboist - Las Vegas



"Zoë made All State so we will go through these quick. Will order more soon!  She LOVES your reeds!

I believe all 3 of Rebecca Simons La Cueva High School oboe students made All State, not sure if she has Oboe students from other high schools.

Megan and Zoë are in Concert Orchestra together this year."

Katrina Pattyn - Albuquerque, NM


"YES!!! I am very much enjoying the oboe reeds. Smooth through the whole register,  stable and centered, rich and warm dark big sound. Yup. Love them!!
I appreciate you and your gift of reed-making!"

Liz Howe - oboist, Pennsylvania


"I loved buying reeds from Nik. He was so helpful in helping me get that perfect reed everyone wants so much! Not only were his reeds helpful, but the few lesson I was able to take were too. I came out of the lesson knowing that I was playing better than when I went in, which is a great thing to find in a teacher."

Margaret Shultz - oboist, Flagstaff, AZ



"I have been a steady customer of Obonik for over 5 years. Nik has always been quick to supply a very good reed at a reasonable price. The only complaint I might make is that I have never bothered to learn to make my own reeds. It would take me years to learn and even then I might not make as functional a reed as I receive from Nik. I highly recommend Obonik to any oboist that is not completely satisfied with their own reeds or who do not have the time to make their own. Thanks, Nik!"

Thomas Dawson - oboist, Phoenix, Arizona



"I am so sorry for not letting you know IMMEDIATELY how very good the three new reeds are!  They are very responsive and...well, pretty perfect for lack of a better superlative.  I don't know if you intentionally vary the range of darkness, but each one is performance quality for everything from Wagner to Pit playing!  No problems whatsoever with pitch at all.  I do not remember getting three reeds in one batch of this caliber ever and I have been ordering reeds since...well, you may not have existed when I started.

Seriously, thank you very much.  I appreciate both the fine craftsmanship and the affordability.   You are a find."

Douglas Stewart - oboist, Michigan



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